Thursday, June 4, 2015


Cubicle Canyon

Today being "Throwback Thursday" it reminded me that 5 years ago this week I escaped from the mind numbing, backstabbing, good old boy network of corporate life.  Left the drab, monotonous, grey, flat and fluorescent lit walls of the soulless box that housed all the workers.  Windowless rooms, endless inane meetings that endured while my heart and soul yearned to be outside, feeling the wind, getting dirty and learning and exploring something I actually cared about. 
Suzanne Mathia, CISR, CPCU

Don't get me wasn't all bad all the time. That nice little paycheck helped me raise 2 fine boys as a single Mom and for that I am thankful. Once the boys were off on their own and it was just me I really began to analyze what I was doing and why I was doing it

In April of 2010 I took my second, 14 day trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  I looked at those canyon walls and realized I was working in the wrong place.


After spending those wonderful, emotional, fulfilling days of exploration, hard work, camaraderie, and sheer peace and joy I decided to cut the cord....jump into the deep end...and quit the torture of corporate life and pursue my photography obsession with fervor!
Glen Canyon

To be honest, the plan for this decision had been building slowly but purposefully for the last year or more.

Canyon X

I had a big new MAC computer built that would last me for many years to come.  I worked tirelessly on my photographic portfolio.  Honed my skills, explored my vision, learned as much technical information as I could.  I absorbed, books and webinars, classes and workshops.  I travelled alone, I travelled with other photographers that I admired.  During the day in those grey souless canyons of cubicles I dreamt of the day that I could truly live my life. It became harder and harder to put on the corporate mask.  I would hang prints of my images on those drab walls in an effort to take me back to the places that I loved so much.  It only served to remind me that I was further away.

Antelope Canyon

Although I have been a photographer for most of my life, the decesion to try and do it for a living did not present itself till now.  I sometimes wish I had made this jump 20 year earlier...but as all things in life, there is a season, as now this was mine. 

I had a lot of support along the way.  Editors and Photographers who had made this journey themselves. My boys, who never questioned my decision.  It was "go for it Mom!" which was such a boost to me then and continues to this day.  My friends and former colleagues in corporate world watched my escape and growth with joy and envy. I sometimes felt as if I was doing this for them too!

Has it all been easy.  NO!  Do it ever regret my decision..NO! I had to re access my priorities.  A big house? Pool? Manicures? Fancy clothes? None on these were necessary now and were standing in the way of my progress.  Once I let go...I was free.

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