Thursday, May 28, 2015


I will be teaching another advanced Lightroom class at University of Phoenix with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops on Saturday.  I was asked by a student to demonstrate a method for removing haze from photos.  Although this can be done with various sliders affecting blacks, contrast, blue luminance and clarity I'm happy to announce that Lightroom will soon be releasing a "DEHAZE" slider!

It will not only help reduce haze it can also add it for an ethereal misty look to your images

At Adobe MAX 2014 last October, Adobe gave a tech preview of a new “dehaze” feature that was currently developing that can seemingly magically remove haze from photos. 
“The Dehaze tool helps you easily reduce or remove haze, common in many outdoor photos like landscapes,” Adobe writes. It appears as a new slider in the Develop module:

I have seen this in action and I'm quite impressed

We can use use curves and plugins but this will just make the process so much easier and more effective...and nondestructive.


Here is a before and after

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