Monday, October 21, 2013

Gained 30GB of space on Startup Disk!! GMAIL settings

I have been plagued with these constant messages on my MAC over the last couple of months.  I dutifully followed all the common suggestions to clean up and recover more space.

I deleted all unnecessary video files, deleted trash, even moved my iTunes library to a separate drive.  All these helped....A LITTLE...FOR A WHILE.

Yesterday I was down to 5 GB of free space on my start up drive!  This morning I actually watched it go down to ZERO!  Something was eating up my drive space..I was on  mission to find the culprit or culprits.

I downloaded a nifty FREE little program called OMNI SWEEPER

This allowed me to see into the inner guts of my system to see what was taking up and eating so much space.  

#1 was GMAIL

#2 was Adobe Raw Caches

I cleared the Adobe Raw Caches and freed up 10GB!! I Also went into the preferences in Photoshop and Lightroom and MOVED the cache over to another disk (not the start up disk)

I found in users/smathia/library a folder that contain over 20GB of "recovered messages"

Even after deleting the folder, Mail recreated it and continued downloading the message from Gmail. To solve the situation, I opened the Mail Preferences (Command + , ) and chose both my GMAIL accounts, I clicked on the Advanced tab and changed the "Keep a Copy for Offline viewing" setting below:

I am one happy camper now!!!
40GB of free space

Sunday, October 13, 2013

GPS Tracking app - Lightroom Maps - EASY PEASY

Just came back from teaching a couple of workshops in Colorado and Flagstaff.  I used this opportunity to test out a mobile GPS tracking system.  My cameras do not have built in GPS and I was looking for an easy solutions to import GPS info into the MAPS module of Lightroom.

I downloaded an app called GPStrack onto my iPhone.  Turned on tracking when I left and turned it off when I got home.

GPSTrack allows you to use the GPS receiver in your iPhone or iPad to show your current location and create a log of your travels.

GPSTrack can record your location in the background, so you can continue to use your iPhone for other tasks while your location is recorded.

When recording a track, GPSTrack can show a map with your path, updated in real-time.
Saved tracks can be exported via e-mail in GPX and KML formats, useful if you want to geotag photos from a camera that doesn’t have GPS support.

This tracking went on in the background without any intervention from other words, idiot proof!

Easily imported the .gpx into the MAP module in Lightroom and TA DA...all my images from that trip are pinned perfectly on the map with all the GPS coordinates, time and location. I can see the image from the exact location!

This will be a marvelous tool for scouting and planning future trips, captioning my images, and using yet another great tool in Lightroom to its fullest!

GPSTrack 2.2 can be dowloaded from itunes - the website for the developer is