Monday, October 21, 2013

Gained 30GB of space on Startup Disk!! GMAIL settings

I have been plagued with these constant messages on my MAC over the last couple of months.  I dutifully followed all the common suggestions to clean up and recover more space.

I deleted all unnecessary video files, deleted trash, even moved my iTunes library to a separate drive.  All these helped....A LITTLE...FOR A WHILE.

Yesterday I was down to 5 GB of free space on my start up drive!  This morning I actually watched it go down to ZERO!  Something was eating up my drive space..I was on  mission to find the culprit or culprits.

I downloaded a nifty FREE little program called OMNI SWEEPER

This allowed me to see into the inner guts of my system to see what was taking up and eating so much space.  

#1 was GMAIL

#2 was Adobe Raw Caches

I cleared the Adobe Raw Caches and freed up 10GB!! I Also went into the preferences in Photoshop and Lightroom and MOVED the cache over to another disk (not the start up disk)

I found in users/smathia/library a folder that contain over 20GB of "recovered messages"

Even after deleting the folder, Mail recreated it and continued downloading the message from Gmail. To solve the situation, I opened the Mail Preferences (Command + , ) and chose both my GMAIL accounts, I clicked on the Advanced tab and changed the "Keep a Copy for Offline viewing" setting below:

I am one happy camper now!!!
40GB of free space

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