Thursday, October 19, 2017



Lots of changes announced this week and confusion, worry and misinformation are rampant.  This happens with any new changes.  We all get very comfy with the familiar and resist change vehemently.

At the same time we have also been complaining loudly about the speed of importing, culling and developing inside the current model.  Adobe listened, and have drastically improved the speed of the interface while giving us some great new tools.  They also added an entirely new platform to the Lightroom "Eco-System" By separating the two products, they are allowing Lightroom Classic to focus on the strengths of a file/folder based workflow, while Lightroom CC addresses the cloud/mobile-oriented workflow." The new names are: LIGHTROOM CLASSIC and LIGHTROOM CC

I have been working with the upgrade and I am ecstatic with the improvements.

"Lightroom Classic CC is designed for desktop-based (file/folder) digital photography workflows. It’s a well-established workflow solution that is distinct and separate from the new cloud-native service.  For professional photographers who want all the Lightroom Classic capabilities to support their own very specific workflows as they are now.Your Lightroom is now called Lightroom Classic.

Speed – reviewing and culling with the speed and efficiency of programs like  Photomechanic or On One browse because Lightroom now uses use the imbedded jpg for fast loading. When you select the Embedded & Sidecar previews option, you can scroll through a large set of images quickly in the Library module and also perform 1:1 zoom quicker. The rendering of Embedded previews is prioritized based on the folder you are viewing. For example, if you import and add images to multiple folders, you can immediately begin scrolling through the images as they get added.

TIP: on import select Embedded and Sidecar for best performance

Performance and stability enhancements

  Enhanced in this release of Lightroom Classic CC 
  •     Application loading time
  •     Catalog upgrade and compression upon import and export
  •     Faster import with Minimal, Standard, 1:1 Previews
  •     Faster image selection upon import with Embedded Previews. 
  •     Smart Preview generation
  •     Switching from Library to Develop module
  •     Rendering of images in Library and Develop modules
  •     Scrolling through images in Library and Develop modules
  •     Improved brushing and slider movements
  •     Deleting Collections
  •     Loading of faces in the People view

Bigger standard previews – wide of monitor default – was 2000 pixels now 3840
Export metadata without camera settings option – You can export All except camera raw info if desired.
  • Fine control over selections with Color and Luminance Range Masking tools.
  • Auto-masking with better noise reduction by updating to Process Version 4 (Current) under Camera Calibration
  • Filter Criteria in Smart Collections: Title - Is Empty or Not Empty and Lens ProfileApplied or Not applied
  • Metadata preset for the export dialog – All Except Camera Raw Info. This helps you to conceal the settings or changes you had made from being exported.
  • Filter Criteria in the Import dialog – File Type. This helps you to quickly remove certain file types if needed.
  • Better handling of multiple batches of merge operations (HDR/ Pano) improving GUI response
  • Preview generation of recently edited images (in last 2 days) during idle system state. This is applicable for Batch Editing use case, using Sync Edit functionality.

Color Range Mask

After making an initial selection mask on your photo with Adjustment Brushes or Radial Filter/Graduated Filters, use Color Range Masking to refine the selection mask based on the colors sampled within the mask area.

Luminance Range Mask
After making an initial selection mask on your photo with Adjustment Brushes or Radial Filter/Graduated Filters, use Luminance Range Masking to refine the mask area based on the luminance range of the selection.

         Smoothness = feathering                                     Click and drag eye dropper for color range

So far I am absolutely loving the import interface speed and the new masking features are a real game changer!

For most users and those happy with the current system - no need to adopt the cloud based version at this time.  

STOP HERE.....Update and be happy

For those interested in the Cloud Based system

No folders – date based that you don't control
Sensei keywords – content search
Image analysis capabilities will continue to improve
Manage across any device at any location
Version 1.0 now
No pano or hdr
No curves

Get to know new LRcc first - Take for a test drive using duplicate copies

Comparison chart and additional info from Victoria Brampton - The Lightroom Queen

Eventually, I may end up using a hybrid of both systems but primarily I am a desktop user and for now I'm just using the new and greatly improved CLASSIC!

If you have any questions or constructive comments, please let me know.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Performance Enhancement Survey - Lightroom

The folks at Adobe are listening!

Some folks, no matter how beefed up there systems are have consistent performance issues with Lightroom.  Although this effects only a small percentage of users, the Lightroom folks are listening.
Tom Hogarty, Adobes Photo Project Manager writes:

"I would like to address concerns recently voiced by our community of customers around Lightroom performance, as improving performance is our current top priority. We have a history, starting with our first public beta, of working with our customers to address workflow and feature needs, and we’d like to take that same approach regarding your performance concerns. We already understand many of the current pain points around GPU, import performance, certain editing tasks and review workflows and are investing heavily in improving those areas."

Link to survey:

If you have consistant ongoing performance issues, please take the time to complete this survey as fully as possible with as much detail.

You imput is vital and helpful and greatly appreciated

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lightroom Black Panel Bug fix for MAC OS Sierra and El Cap


The panels at the top, bottom, left, and right in the Lightroom user interface become 'black' intermittently when you perform actions such as switching between Lightroom modules, or minimizing and maximizing the Lightroom window.
Issue: Panels appearing black in Lightroom
Issue: Panels appearing black in Lightroom

Product versions affected 

Lightroom CC 2015.8/Lightroom 6.8 and earlier

Operating system 

macOS 10.12 (Sierra), Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Lightroom team is actively investigating and working on fixing this intermittent issue of UI panels becoming black, and close to finding a solution. However, a fix is not yet available in the most current update of Lightroom. We are hoping to have it fixed in next update.


When the Lightroom panels appear as black on your Mac, follow the workaround steps given below to resolve this issue:
  1. In the Dock bar on your Mac, right-click the Lightroom icon and select Hide from the menu.
    Hide Lightroom using the Dock menu

  2. Right-click the Lightroom icon in the Dock again and select Show from the menu.
    Show Lightroom using the Dock

Lightroom panels should be visible now.