Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Last night Adobe released a new update for Lightroom CC 2015.1, Lightroom 6.1, and Lightroom mobile 1.5 for iPad and iPhone and Photoshop
In the effects panel we now have a new slider called DeHaze.  This will allow you to quickly and effectively remove haze from an image or actually ADD haze for that dreamy ethereal look. Dehaze, eliminates fog and haze from photos, including underwater shots, for startlingly clear images.Dehaze

How to use: 
Set a proper white balance first.  The DeHaze slider can increase saturation just as Contrast does so you may need to reduce Saturation or Vibrance after applying.

Lightroom CC on the desktop
  • Dehaze*
    • Many outdoor scenes have some amount of haze due to atmospheric conditions. Dehaze is a new feature for removing/adding haze and fog from pictures.
    • The user can control how much haze to remove by adjusting a new slider in the Effects panel in the Dehaze section. This feature can also be used in the other direction to increase the amount of haze.
    • Recommended Workflow – Adjust the white balance of the image before applying the Dehaze control.
  • Local White and Black Adjustment Sliders*
    • Available with all 3 local adjustment tools:  Gradient Filter, Radial Filter and Local adjustment brush
    • Useful for fine-tuning tonality near the brightest and darkest parts of the picture. For instance, they can be used to increase the contrast of highlights.
    • Recommended Workflow – Make your global adjustments first and then use the local adjustments to fine tune.  Use the clip warning indicator to help avoid clipping highlights and shadows.
* Please note that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1.
Whites and Blacks sliders have been added to the adjustment brush, graduated filter and radial filter. Use these to fine tune the brightest and darkest tones in local areas of your photos.

How to Update to Lightroom CC 2015.1 or Lightroom 6
Open Lightroom, it should prompt you for the update.  If not go to Help>Check for Updates to download the update. After the file downloads, double-click on it to launch the update. 
If you are a Creative Cloud user just open the CC app and update from there.  If the updates aren't showing, log out of CC and back in and they should appear. 

Lightroom CC 2015.1, an update to the Creative Cloud subscription version, for subscribers only, also includes new features: a "Dehaze" slider to remove or add haze, and local Blacks and Whites sliders.
Lightroom 6.1, an update to the stand-alone Lightroom 6 program, includes bug fixes, new camera support, tethering for the Canon 70D, and new lens profiles.
Lightroom CC 2015.1, an update to the Creative Cloud subscription version, for subscribers only, also includes new features: a "Dehaze" slider to remove or add haze, and local Blacks and Whites sliders.
Lightroom mobile 1.5 for iPad and iPhone adds video importing, and Color/BW, Tone Curve and Vignetting adjustments. 
More Details on the Lightroom CC Subscription and 6 Stand-Alone Updates
New Camera Support
  • Lightroom can now import photos from the following new cameras: Fuji X-T1-, Nikon 1 J5, Nikon D810A, Panasonic DMC-G7, Pentax K-S2, Pentax K3 II (preliminary support for the K3 II – the multi-shot Pixel Shift Resolution and HDR features are still under investigation)
New Lens Profile Support
Mount / Name
Canon / Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM
Canon / Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM
Canon / Tokina AT­X 11­20mm f/2.8 PRO DX
Leica / Voigtlander VM 15mm f4.5 Super Wide Heliar III Aspherical
Nikon / Nikon 1 NIKKOR VR 10­100mm f/4­5.6
Nikon / Nikon 1 NIKKOR VR PD­Zoom 10­100mm f/4.5­5.6
Nikon / Nikon AF NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4D IF
Nikon / Tokina AT­X 11­20mm f/2.8 PRO DX
Pentax / HD PENTAX­DA 18­50mm f/4­5.6 DC WR RE
Pentax / HD PENTAX­DA L 18­50mm f/4­5.6 DC WR RE
Pentax  / HD PENTAX­D FA 150­450mm f/4.5­5.6ED DC AW
Sony Alpha / Sony 16­35mm f/2.8 ZA SSM II
Sony Alpha / Sony 24­70mm f/2.8 ZA SSM II
Sony Alpha / Sony 70­300mm f/4.5­5.6 G SSM II
GPU Acceleration
GPU Acceleration has been turned off in Preferences for some Mac graphics cards, based on frequent crash reports. Read more here.
Bugs Fixed

  • Local adjustment brush did not properly use the pressure sensitivity information from a Wacom tablet (Windows) Develop adjustments are lost after Edit In while auto­write XMP is turned on
  • Entering name with trailing space while face tagging changes case of keyword
  • Keyword hierarchies are not displayed when naming face regions
  • Keywords get erroneously renamed when using hierarchical keywords in face tagging
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Merge don’t work in German or French
  • Improved quality of display color management on some widegamut displays when Use Graphics Processor is enabled
  • Card reader not automatically found (Windows Autoplay registry issue)
  • Crash when Android device is mounted (Windows)
  • Closing the crop tool or cycling Full Screen modes with Lights Out mode makes entire screen go black
  • Cannot enter negative values in Develop in some languages
  • Mouse wheel changes brush size and scrolls image
  • Import from Photoshop Elements now allows you to include People keywords.
  • Reduced “color blur” artifacts when processing Fujifilm XTrans raw images – In collaboration with Fujifilm, we are still investigating methods to improve fine detail rendering and overall edge definition
  • The “Remove Chromatic Aberration” checkbox is now enabled by default for all Fujifilm cameras.
  • HDR and Pano Merge: Cleared in­camera crop before merging rather than destructively applying it prior to merging.
  • Pano Merge: Fixed a Pano blending issue specific to Leica M9.
  • Fixed a bug with Panasonic LX100 – extended ISO 100 was too bright and Magenta Highlights have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with Nikon Coolpix P7800 NRW raw files that showed only Matrix as camera profile.
  • Fixed crash when reading some JPEG images
  • When enabling “Before/After” preview in the Develop module, the screen flickered before showing the Before preview. This only occurred when GPU was enabled Lightroom starts slowly, any attempt to do something results in the blue spinning­wheel and “Not Responding” when connect to LAN without LAN/internet connection
  • If a catalog is too large, the zipped backup can’t be unzipped
  • Export creates erroneous Invalid Constraint Size Error

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