Tuesday, February 13, 2018

LIGHTROOM CLASSIC CC v. 7.2 Released today

Primarily additional performance enhancements but a few sorting and image management features that are pretty nice to have.

Adobe has been working tirelessly to address performance issues - This will benefit those with 12GB of RAM or more when you are importing and exporting, moving between photos and creating merged images with HDR or PANORAMA.

There are now some additional ways to automatically create COLLECTIONS directly from FOLDERS or from a PHOTO PIN in the MAP MODULE

Filters based on EDIT status - This is something we have been asking for for quite a while - You can now filter and sort images based on if they have edits or not.

This filter for editing icon is available in Filmstrip and Library metadata

ALSO - we can now create SMART COLLECTIONS based on the edits/no edits criteria!

In the FOLDERS panel of the LIBRARY module, you can now use the search field to find folders based on the entered text.

You now have the ability to make certain folders as FAVORITES and can search for the favorites in the filter - just Right Click on the folder and select favorite from dropdown.

The usual support for new cameras and lenses included

A few bug fixes

Additional lens and camera support

I am available to one on one tutoring in person or via the web http://www.suzannemathiaphotography.com/PAGES/LIGHTROOM-LEARNING

Additional info and step by step help can be found on ADOBE'S website https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/user-guide.html

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