Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm finally dumping Lightroom for iPhoto

Time to break some old habits and try something new!

I will no longer be using Lightroom, instead, I will switch my entire workflow over to the amazing and awesome iPhoto program!

I no longer to use a tripod all the time.  I can up my ISO, turn on image stabilization and everything will be just as good.

I am no longer going to bother shooting RAW - JPG's are really quick and easy and as a purist I want my images "straight out of camera" with no processing.

Image result for raw vs JPEG
AUTO FOCUS is the way to go in Landscape photography - Just focus on the horizon, smack in the middle, it will all be just fine and so much easier than Hyperfocal distance nonsense.

No longer going to be looking at my histogram
Just going to look at the pretty picture on the back of LCD, underexpose so everything looks saturated and moody, yea that's it! I can crank up the shadows afterwards it will look great.

Decided that Bridge is just fine for organizing all my photos, I find them eventually. No point in learning anything new, just stick with the old workflow even though its not designed for a photographers workflow at all.

Tired of getting up so early - I will concentrate of photographing everything mid day, after a good lunch and preferably from the side of the road.

I will go where everyone has been, take the same photos and crank the saturation sliders or use a ton of presets that I spent a fortune on.  That way I'll get a "signature look!!



Ladee said...

Funny. And I cant imagine you really saying this!

Unknown said...

OMG You had me in total shock and disbelief there for a minute!
You're too FUNny!!