Sunday, March 31, 2013

disappearing scrollbars - MAC

I have been totally frustrated with disappearing scroll bars on my Macs since the Lion update. Found and answer and wanted to share in case someone else was in the same boat. Such a simple thing.

Answer: With OS X Lion, Apple made some interesting design decisions. The missing scroll bars is one that has many people frustrated. Sure, the scroll bars show up when you actually start scrolling. However, without them there, you might not know there's more information on the page. Fortunately, getting the scroll bars back is easy enough. Go to system preferences and click General. Find the Show Scroll Bars section. Here you can set when the scroll bars appear. You can choose to have them appear automatically depending on the input method you're using, such as a mouse or trackpad. You can set them to appear only when scrolling. In my case I selected the Always option. Now I always see the bars, just as it was before.

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