Sunday, July 27, 2008


June took me far far away from the usual stomping grounds. My work in insurance took me to London!

I was born and raised there but hadn't been back since the early 70's. I was afraid that so many of the things that I loved so much about England would have changed, but to my delight I found that so much was still the same and many things were even better than I remembered, especially the food!

I spent most of my time with our LLoyds brokers in London. They treated me like a queen. I was wined (a lot) and dined (a lot). I did find some time to explore London. I played tourist and revisited the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge. I spent a day just ferrying up and down the Thames hoping on and off to photograph along the way.

I took the train to Southhampton on day to visit long lost relatives. It was a wonderful wander down memory lane - I visited my grandmothers house and the beautiful village where I spent some of my most happy times as a kid.

The trip ended much too soon....another time I hope

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